Raghavendra P. Singh

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The exchange-bias effects in the mosaic epitaxial bilayers of the itinerant ferromagnet (FM) SrRuO3 and the antiferromagnetic (AFM) charge-ordered La(0.3)Sr(0.7)FeO3 were investigated. An uncharacteristic low-field positive exchange bias, a cooling-field driven reversal of positive to negative exchange-bias and a layer thickness optimised unusual vertical(More)
The Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) satellite series has been providing data since 1988 through various Earth observation missions. Before using IRS data for the quantitative analysis and parameter retrieval, it must be corrected for the atmospheric effects because spectral bands of IRS sensors are contaminated by intervening atmosphere. Standard atmospheric(More)
I. Abstract: The prediction of the optimal weld bead width is an important aspect in shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) process as it is related to the strength of the weld. This paper focuses on investigation of the development of the simp le and accurate model for prediction of weld bead width of butt joint of SMAW process. Artificial neural networks(More)
Prewhitening is often considered a necessary but not sufficient condition for stronger stochastic independence criteria. After prewhitening the task of Blind Source Separation (BSS) become somewhat easier. Robust preprocessing involves spectral whitening, which is done by transforming correlated signals to an uncorrelated flat spectrum signal. The maximum(More)
This paper highlights the spatial and temporal variability of atmospheric columnar methane (CH4) concentration in the Kharif season over India and its correlation with the terrestrial vegetation dynamics. ENVISAT-SCIAMACHY product (0.5o x 0.5o) was used to analyse the atmospheric methane concentration. Weekly data covering the Kharif season (May to October)(More)