Raghavendra G. Kulkarni

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STUDY OBJECTIVE We identify, describe, and categorize vulnerabilities in emergency department (ED) to internal medicine patient transfers. METHODS We surveyed all emergency medicine house staff, emergency physician assistants, internal medicine house staff and hospitalists at an urban, academic medical center. Respondents were asked to describe any(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE Communication failures contribute to errors in the transfer of patients from the emergency department (ED) to inpatient medicine units. Oral (synchronous) communication has numerous benefits but is costly and time consuming. Taped (asynchronous) communication may be more reliable and efficient but lacks interaction. We evaluate a new(More)
The cosine series functions are used extensively for SAW filter design with noniterative techniques. This paper presents improved sidelobe levels of these functions by rigorous application of criteria for minimising the sidelobe peaks. An improvement of 2 dB in sidelobe levels is achieved with respect to the earlier results. A new approach is presented to(More)
We have investigated the influence of Ca ions substitution on the structural and superconducting properties of (Nd1-xCax)(Ba1.6La0.4)Cu3Oz system. Magnetization, X-ray diffraction and neutron diffraction studies have been carried out on a series of compounds with x = 0.0 to 0.6. The superconducting transition temperature Tc, determined from magnetization(More)
  • R G Kulkarni
  • IEEE transactions on ultrasonics, ferroelectrics…
  • 2001
A new technique called sidelobe cancellation technique (SCT) to achieve high stopband rejection in SAW filters is described, for varying requirements of shape factor and sidelobe levels, by using an eigen function approach. Cosine series functions with improved sidelobe levels are employed. Each design is characterized by the order of the cosine series and(More)
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