Raghavendra Achar

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The increasing demand for interoperability in existing heterogeneous e-learning systems to support seamless accessibility, reusability and aggregation is an important research issue. Service Oriented Computing (SOC) enables interoperability between heterogeneous applications/systems over the Web. To adopt Web services technology towards the reusability and(More)
In todaypsilas business environment, the business offers have an inevitable importance in giving the buyer the most profitable deal. In order to improve the business, the service providers attract the customers by advertising a lot of attractive offers. There is a need for the selection mechanism which accepts the requesterpsilas various requirements on(More)
The increasing demand in computing resources and widespread adaptation of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has made cloud as a new IT delivery mechanism. In cloud, computing resources are provided to the requester as a service, which include Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Cloud Computing(More)
Rapid growth of internet technology made many IaaS providers arise across the globe to meet the needs of small IT companies. Number of IT companies started using resources of IaaS provider due to elastic and pay as you go nature. Increasing number of cloud providers results in difficulty for requester to select suitable cloud provider based on requirements.(More)
Cloud computing is one of the most popular terms of today’s computer world. The pay-as-you-use model of cloud permits users to pay only according to their requirement. The enormous increase in popularity of cloud is due to its ubiquitous use through common hardware only. So it must provide high performance gain to the user and at the same time must be(More)
E-learning has changed the way of traditional education through anytime and anywhere learning experience. With the widespread adoption of Web services technology, the legacy e-learning systems are being exposed as reusable services on the Web. The increasing e-learning services on the Web prompts a research in selecting the most suitable e-learning service(More)
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