Raghavasimhan Thirunarayanan

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This paper presents a PLL-free transmitter based on an FBAR achieving a 5μs startup time to reduce the crystal oscillator power overhead which degrades the energy efficiency for heavily duty cycled systems. The TX upconverts a FSK-modulated FBAR DCO signal with the IF output of a Phase Switching Divider (PSD) injection locked to the DCO. The PSD has(More)
Enterobius vermicularis is one of the most common intestinal nematode worldwide. Enterobius rarely causes a symptomatic disease. We report here an unusual case of a 60-year old man who came with a polypoidal growth in the anal canal increasing in size for past 20 years. He had pain and intense itching over the mass. The differential diagnosis of squamous(More)
The energy dissipated by conventional phase-locked-loop-based transmitters (TXs) during the long startup phase is a major bottleneck that reduces the energy autonomy of duty-cycled ultra-low-power systems. In order to tackle this problem, this paper presents a loop-free TX based on a film-bulk acoustic wave resonator (FBAR) that has a 5- μs startup(More)
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