Raghav Srinivasan

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In Electronic Commerce applications such as stock trading, there is a need to make decisions based on information collected from various sources. Many of these sources are accessible from the World Wide Web. Because the information such as stock prices keep changing, the web sources must be queried continually to maintain temporal coherency of the data in(More)
The study of supply chains is important because manufacturing industries face an increasingly complex, global, and competitive environment. As present-day supply chains involve numerous heterogeneous entities with different roles and dynamics, managing them is not straightforward. Hence, a simulation model can serve as a valuable quantitative tool that aids(More)
Benchmarking is not only about making comparisons but, through these, learning lessons to improve actual performance or knowledge. Comparing modelling paradigms based only on the conceptual model specifications is not enough; rather a well-defined benchmarking process and the execution of experiments are required. A benchmarking strategy is applied to three(More)
The issue of environmental sustainability has prompted the batch chemical industries to switch from end-of-pipe treatment to waste minimization as top priority in tackling the pollution problem. In this paper, we introduce a novel simulation-optimization framework that integrates different process systems engineering (PSE) methodologies – process graph(More)
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