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Wounds closed under severe tension often result in breakdown due to skin necrosis and suture cheese wiring causing both physical and financial morbidity. Although a few commercial wound closure systems have been described in the literature, but they are all expensive and not readily available. We have designed a simple and inexpensive system called ‘Tension(More)
Rapidly resorbable skin sutures have an elaborate use not only in facial surgeries but also in breast, abdomen, and hand wound closure. Its removal may not require trimming, as gentle rubbing with a moisturizing agent makes them fall off easily in 10–14 days postoperatively. This practice has a good acceptance, especially among children, and gives a(More)
Sir, Microvascular pedicle is of utmost importance in head and neck reconstruction as kinking and unfavourable geometry of the pedicle can cause thrombosis leading to the disastrous complication of free flap failure. Head and neck areas are particularly prone due to the need to use long pedicle to reach neck donor vessels and also the possibility of(More)
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