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A simple three step procedure was used to purify microsomal NADH-cytochrome b5 (ferricyanide) reductase to homogeneity from the higher plant C. roseus. The microsomal bound reductase was solubilized using zwitterionic detergent-CHAPS. The solubilized reductase was subjected to affinity chromatography on octylamino Sepharose 4B, blue 2-Sepharose CL-6B and(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to demonstrate quality assurance checks for accuracy of gantry speed and position, dose rate and multileaf collimator (MLC) speed and position for a volumetric modulated arc treatment (VMAT) modality (Synergy S; Elekta, Stockholm, Sweden), and to check that all the necessary variables and parameters were synchronous.(More)
In high dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy, the source dwell times and dwell positions are vital parameters in achieving a desirable implant dose distribution. Inverse treatment planning requires an optimal choice of these parameters to achieve the desired target coverage with the lowest achievable dose to the organs at risk (OAR). This study was designed to(More)
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