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Two cases of acquired cerebral toxoplasmosis in adults are reported. In the first case no subjacent disease was found, and the neurological signs were of a meningo-encephalitic type with disorders of consciousness and a C.S.F. cellular reaction. A second case was observed in the course of the treatment of Waldenström disease by chloraminophene. The(More)
Two cases of fatal encephalopathy which appeared in the course of treatment of malignant gliomas are described. CT scan showed diffuse, low density, non-enhanced lesions of the white matter. Pathological findings showed that the CT scan aspects corresponded to status spongiosus without demyelination. We were unable to find similar reports in the literature.
The cases presented with psychic troubles and repeated somnolence episodes accompanied by dysarthria in 5 cases, myoclonic jerks in 4 cases and epileptic seizures in 1 case. In all cases the EEG was disturbed. It showed symetrical, paroxystic, bilateral, monomorph slow activity with more or less frequent paroxysms. The average serum aluminium level was at(More)