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The cases presented with psychic troubles and repeated somnolence episodes accompanied by dysarthria in 5 cases, myoclonic jerks in 4 cases and epileptic seizures in 1 case. In all cases the EEG was disturbed. It showed symetrical, paroxystic, bilateral, monomorph slow activity with more or less frequent paroxysms. The average serum aluminium level was at(More)
The authors report an observation of african trypanosomiasis due to Trypanosoma Gambiense, clinical signs included massive and progressive hemiplegia, papillary edema and vascular shift from median line at arteriography. These pseudo tumoral clinical features are unusual in this disease. Asymetrical heterogenous hypodensities of the centrum semioval are(More)
In the article "Progressive dialysis encephalopathy" (Ann Neurol ~ 4 : 199-204, 1978) , Drs Lederman and Henry considered the role of aluminum in the origin of dialysis encephalopathy 3s speculative. W-e were astonished that aluminum blood levels were not reported for their 9 patients. Like other authors 11, 31, we believe that aluminum toxicity probabl\,(More)
A 42-year-old woman had a puerperal aseptic cerebral thrombophlebitis with repeated episodes of subarachnoid hemorrhage. Cerebrospinal fluid studies revealed a delayed, severe and lasting low sugar and high protein levels. The possible mechanisms of low sugar levels are discussed.