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Public goods experiments without confidentiality: a glimpse into fund-raising
Laboratory researchers in economics assiduously protect the confidentiality of subjects. Why? Presumably because they fear that the social consequences of identifying subjects and their choices wouldExpand
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Farm Household Production Efficiency: Evidence from the Gambia
This article investigates the economic efficiency of farm households, with an application to The Gambia. The efficiency analysis is conducted not at the farm level but at the household level, thusExpand
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Beauty, gender and stereotypes : Evidence from laboratory experiments
The existence of a beauty premium in the labor market and the male-female wage gap suggests that appearance can matter in the real world. We explore beauty and gender in a public goods experiment andExpand
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The today and tomorrow of kids: Time preferences and educational outcomes of children
We experimentally investigate the distribution of children's time preferences along gender and racial lines. We find that boys are more impatient than girls and black children are more impatient thanExpand
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Learning from mistakes: What do inconsistent choices over risk tell us?
We implement a risk experiment that allows for judgment errors to investigate who makes mistakes and whether it matters. The experiments are conducted with a random sample of the adult population inExpand
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Gender Differences in Bargaining Outcomes: A Field Experiment on Discrimination
We examine gender differences in bargaining outcomes in a highly competitive and commonly used market: the taxi market in Lima, Peru. Examining the entire path of negotiation we find that men faceExpand
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What Do Bargainers' Preferences Look Like? Experiments with a Convex Ultimatum Game
The ultimatum game, by its all-or-nothing nature, makes it difficult to discern what kind of preferences may be generating choices. We explore a game that convexifies the decisions, allowing us aExpand
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Discrimination in the lab: Does information trump appearance?
Using a laboratory experiment, we find evidence consistent with statistical discrimination in a public good and group formation game. Expand
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Estimating the Value of Water Use Permits: A Hedonic Approach Applied to Farmland in the Southeastern Us
In the State of Georgia, any agricultural producer who wishes to pump more than 100,000 gallons of water a day for crop irrigation is required to have an irrigation permit. The permit stays with theExpand
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The Economic Effects of Facebook
Social media permeates many aspects of our lives, including how we connect with others, where we get our news and how we spend our time. Yet, we know little about the economic effects for users. InExpand
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