Ragaa Ali Mohamed

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Background: premenstrual syndrome is particularly common among younger age groups, therefore represents a significant public health problem which affected young girls. There is no consensus regarding premenstrual syndrome treatment; however, all current interventions focus on management of the most troubling symptoms. This study aimed to estimate the(More)
Pneumonic pasteurellosis is one of the most economically important infectious diseases of ruminants with a wide prevalence throughout the continents. The disease is characterized by an acute febrile course with severe fibrinous or fibrinopurulent bronchopneumonia, fibrinous pleurisy and septicaemia. Infected animals may die within a few days of the onset of(More)
Background, Hysterectomy is the most common gynecologic surgical procedure among reproductive aged women, complications with serious consequences may occur, Aim of this study, was to assess the effect of designed nursing care protocol to minimizing post hysterectomy complications, Design,A quasi experimental design was adopted in this study. Sample, a(More)
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