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The sugar L-rhamnose (6-deoxy-~-mannose) is used as a fine chemical in scientific and industrial settings, as a component in chemical reactions, and as a starting material in the synthesis of organic compounds. Present methods for the commercial preparation of rhamnose require extraction of quercitrin from oak bark, naringin from citrus peels, or rutin(More)
The long-term clinical effects of soy protein containing various amounts of isoflavones on lipoproteins, mononuclear cell LDL receptor messenger RNA concentrations, and other selected cardiovascular risk factors are not well known. Sixty-six hypercholesterolemic, free-living, postmenopausal women were investigated during a 6-mo parallel-group, double-blind(More)
The effects of soy-protein consumption with and without soy fiber on plasma lipids in 26 mildly hypercholesterolemic men were studied. Four, 4-wk dietary treatments included 50 g protein and 20 g dietary fiber from soy flour (SF), isolated soy protein/soy cotyledon fiber (ISP/SCF), ISP/cellulose (ISP/C), or nonfat dry milk/C (NFDM/C) in conjunction with a(More)
Twenty-one mildly hypercholesterolemic men consumed a diet that was low in fat (< 30% of energy) and cholesterol (300 mg/d) and were given muffins containing 25 g protein + 20 g dietary fiber daily from either isolated soybean protein + soybean cotyledon fiber, isolated soybean protein + cellulose, casein + soybean cotyledon fiber or casein + cellulose. All(More)
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