Rafik H. Bishara

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Procedures are described for evaluation of the thin-layer and gas chromatographic properties of new raw material drug substances over a broad spectrum of conditions. Chromatographic profiles are established for each drug, and these are used as starting points for analytical procedures for the drug, its synthetic precursors, and its degradation products.(More)
A GLC method of analysis of a new antiarrhythmic agent, aprindine, is described. The raw material of the new drug substance, supplied as the hydrochloride salt, is dissolved in deionized water, and the base is liberated by a 10% aqueous solution of sodium carbonate. aprindine is extracted with chloroform and mixed with the internal standard,(More)
INTRODUCTION People who handle and regulate temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products require the knowledge and skills to ensure those products maintain quality, integrity, safety, and efficacy throughout their shelf life. People best acquire such knowledge and skills through "experiential learning" that involves working with other learners and experts.(More)
The preparation, characterization, and estrogenic activity of the two new steroids 3-(cylopentyloxy)-2',3'-dihydroestra-1,3,5(10)-trieno(16alpha,17alpha-b)furan-17beta-ol and 2',3'-dihydroestra-1,3,5(10)-trieno(16alpha,17alphs-b)furan-3,17beta-diol are described. The compounds were found to be 0.1 and 0.002 respectively, as potnet as estrone in a test(More)