Rafik Bensalma

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In this paper, we propose a quality metric for color stereo images. The concept of our metric is inspired by the behavior of simple and complex cells located in the primary visual cortex. These cells are responsible for merging left and right retinal images. To replicate the task performed by these cells, we adopted an approach based on spatial-frequency(More)
3D applications are very popular nowadays. They allow to bring new sensations (e.g., cinema, gaming, etc) and new ways for analyzing data (e.g., video-surveillance, pattern recognition, etc). The large availability of 3D data ia better understanding of human 3D perception in order to improve the quality of 3D visual data, increase the visual comfort and(More)
3D applications need a stereo matching algorithm that can merge the left image with the right image. In this paper we propose a stereo matching algorithm based on some binocular properties of the human visual system. For this, we have focused on the simple and complex cells properties that are responsible for binocular fusion. A model, based on a complex(More)
In this paper, we propose a coder for stereoscopic color images based on the binocular properties of the human visual system (HVS). In the preprocessing stage we modeled some properties of the simple and complex cells. These cells characterized by their orientation and amplitude are responsible for binocular fusion; they take as input a set of signals(More)