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The column Hamming distance of a convolutional code determines the error correction capability when streaming over a class of packet erasure channels. We introduce a metric known as the column sum rank that parallels the column Hamming distance when streaming over a network with link failures. We prove the rank analogues of several known column Hamming(More)
We study low-delay streaming codes for erasure channels in point-to-point and multicast scenarios. We consider a sliding window erasure channel which captures the temporal correlation in packet losses observed in real channels. This correlation is often modelled using statistical channels such as Gilbert-Elliott channel. In the point-to-point case, we(More)
In the classic burst erasure channel, packets are consecutively erased in bursts between gaps of perfect communication. For the Burst Rank Loss Network, instead of a single-link erasure channel, there is a channel matrix that is rank-deficient for a burst of time before returning to full-rank. We establish the streaming capacity of the Burst Rank Loss(More)
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