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Latest scientific and engineering advances have started to recognize the need of defining multiple types of uncertainty. Probabilistic modeling cannot handle situations with incomplete or little information on which to evaluate a probability, or when that information is nonspecific, ambiguous, or conflicting [1]. Many generalized models of uncertainty have(More)
In this work structural reliability assessment is presented for structures with uncertain loads and material properties. Uncertain variables are modeled as fuzzy random variables and Interval Monte Carlo Simulation along with interval finite element method is used to evaluate failure probability. Interval Monte Carlo is compared with existing search(More)
Uncertainty assessment in basin modeling and reservoir characterization is traditionally treated by geostatistical methods which are normally based on stochastic probabilistic approaches. In this talk, an alternative interval-based approach will be present. A solution for the transient heat conduction in sedimentary basins will be introduced using an(More)
This paper illustrates how interval analysis can be used as a basis for generalized models of uncertainty. When epistemic uncertainty is presented as a range and the aleatory is based on available information , or when random variables are assigned an interval probability, the uncertainty will have a Probability Bound (PB) structure. When Interval Monte(More)
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