Raffy L Karamanoukian

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Robotics has been recognized as a major driving force in the advancement of minimally invasive surgery. However, the extent to which General Surgery residents are being trained to use robotic technology has never been assessed. A survey was sent to program directors of accredited General Surgery training programs to determine the prevalence and application(More)
Branding is a form of body art wherein third-degree burns are inflicted on the skin to produce permanent scars. This method of scarification is a common practice among many indigenous cultures and has become exceedingly common in western societies. As with other forms of body art, branding is not a manifestation of a psychiatric disorder but, rather, a(More)
BACKGROUND Transfer of training refers to the ability to transfer acquired skills from one discipline to another. This study aims to determine whether experience in traditional freehand microsurgery facilitates mastery of robotic microsurgery. METHODS Microsurgical anastomoses of coronary arteries harvested from explanted pig models were used to(More)
OBJECTIVES To characterize the career choices and developments made by leading senior surgeons in this country and to examine hypothetically whether application of a short tracking program would have hindered their career decisions. DESIGN A survey pertaining to each surgeon's career, decisions, and opinions concerning surgical training. SETTING AND(More)
Robotic and minimally invasive surgery represents the future of modern surgical care. However, its role during the training of surgical residents has yet to be investigated. A previous study conducted by our group surveyed program directors at accredited general surgery training programs in the United States to determine the prevalence and application of(More)
BACKGROUND Standards for heparinization during off-pump coronary artery bypass (OPCAB) are lacking. Similarly, there are no established standards for antiplatelet therapy before or after OPCAB. The aim of this study was to determine current practices and standards for both antiplatelet and heparin therapy in OPCAB. METHODS A postal, multiple-choice survey(More)
Infants with gastroschisis experience delayed intestinal motility and absorption for several weeks after birth. This intestinal dysfunction is believed to occur primarily in the third trimester and to be largely caused by the prolonged exposure of the intestine to amniotic fluid. Previous studies have shown that prenatal steroid administration will enhance(More)
BACKGROUND "Off-pump" coronary artery operations are done with increasing frequency in the treatment of coronary artery disease. As a result, residents in thoracic surgery have been confronted with the necessity of gaining experience in this innovative approach to coronary surgery. The aim of this study was to assess the importance of training in minimally(More)
Resident education has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. With the implementation of restricted work hours on clinical training, questions have arisen whether these restricted hours will affect clinical competency. This manuscript attempts to answer this question through a survey performed to assess the perception of residents about duty-hour(More)