Raffi B. Afeyan

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We present a methodology for the design, construction and modification of synthetic gene networks. This method emphasizes post-assembly modification of constructs based on network behavior, thus facilitating iterative design strategies and rapid tuning and repurposing of gene networks. The ease of post-construction modification afforded by this approach and(More)
Small-molecule kinase inhibitors often modulate signaling pathways other than the one targeted, whether by direct "off-target" effects or by indirect "pathway cross-talk" effects. The presence of either or both of these classes of complicating factors impedes the predictive understanding of kinase inhibitor consequences for cell phenotypic behaviors(More)
The protein kinase Akt is a critical regulator of cell function and its overexpression and activation have been functionally linked to numerous pathologies such as cancer. Previous reports regarding the mechanism-regulating Akt's activation have revealed two phosphorylation events, at threonine 308 (T308) and serine 473 (S473), as necessary for the full(More)
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