Raffaella Trisolini

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A total of 4664 crustaceans of 2 species of gammarids (Gammarus insensibilis Stock, G. aequicauda Martynon) were collected and examined in search of larval helminth parasites. Larvae of Telosentis exiguus Von Linstow 1901 (Acanthocephala) were found in 6 out of 2806 G. insensibilis so far examined. This is the first record of an intermediate host for T.(More)
PPARs are ligand-activated transcription factors that govern lipid and glucose homeostasis and play a central role in cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes. Herein, we present screening results for a series of chiral 2-(4-chloro-phenoxy)-3-phenyl-propanoic acid derivatives, some of which are potent PPARgamma agonists as well as PPARalpha agonists.(More)
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