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Requirements traceability provides critical support throughout all phases of a software development project. However practice has repeatedly shown the difficulties involved in long-term maintenance of traditional traceability matrices. Dynamic retrieval methods minimize the need for creating and maintaining explicit links and can significantly reduce the(More)
This paper describes a technique for automating the detection and classification of non-functional requirements related to properties such as security, performance , and usability. Early detection of non-functional requirements enables them to be incorporated into the initial architectural design instead of being refactored in at a later date. The approach(More)
This paper describes a Goal Centric approach for effectively maintaining critical system qualities such as security, performance, and usability throughout the lifetime of a software system. In Goal Centric Traceability (GCT) non-functional requirements and their interdependencies are modeled as softgoals in a Softgoal Interdependency Graph (SIG). A(More)
This paper introduces an information retrieval based approach for automating the detection and classification of non-functional requirements (NFRs). Early detection of NFRs is useful because it enables system level constraints to be considered and incorporated into early architectural designs as opposed to being refactored in at a later time. Candidate NFRs(More)
The quality of audio in IP telephony is significantly influenced by the impact of packet loss rate, burstiness and distribution on audio compression techniques. On-line audio quality assessment is important to provide real-time feedback to end-to-end Internet audio transport protocols to increase the reliability and quality of the audio session. In this(More)
In this paper we investigate the geometry of the likelihood of the unknown parameters in a simple class of Bayesian directed graphs with hidden variables. This enables us, before any numerical algorithms are employed, to obtain certain insights in the nature of the uniden­ tifiability inherent in such models, the way posterior densities will be sensitive to(More)