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The morphine-Prostigmin test has been used to diagnose disease of the sphincter of Oddi in patients with chronic abdominal pain. A twofold rise in amylase or lipase levels, reproduction of abdominal pain or both have been considered positive responses. A positive morphine-Prostigmin test has been used as a justification for a sphincteroplasty, a surgical(More)
Otosclerosis, the single most common cause of hearing impairment in white adults, is characterised by bone dystrophy localized to the otic capsule and isolated endochondral bone sclerosis with alternating phases of bone resorption and formation. Conductive hearing loss develops when otosclerotic foci invade the stapedio-vestibular joint (oval window) and(More)
The etiology of otosclerosis is unknown. The etiopathogenesis of otosclerosis seems similar to that occurring in Paget's disease of bone, for which mutations or polymorphisms in several genes have been identified. Among these, TNFRSF11B gene encoding the osteoprotegerin is produced at high levels in the normal inner ear and at low level in active(More)
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