Raffaella Rinaldi

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In this paper we present a novel instance pruning technique for Information Extraction (IE). In particular, our technique filters out uninformative words from texts on the basis of the assumption that very frequent words in the language do not provide any specific information about the text in which they appear, therefore their expectation of being (part(More)
In this paper we propose <i>Instance Filtering</i> as preprocessing step for supervised classification-based learning systems for entity recognition. The goal of Instance Filtering is to reduce both the skewed class distribution and the data set size by eliminating negative instances, while preserving positive ones as much as possible. This process is(More)
Negligence liability on the part of a psychiatrist belongs among high-complexity fields, for both the judge and his or her technical consultants. In most instances, there are no scientific grounds in order to ascribe with reasonable certainty liability to medical personnel and nursing staff, while often judges tend to stretch the concept of “protection” to(More)
INTRODUCTION Although adjustment disorder (AD) is considered as residual diagnosis and receives little attention in research, it plays an important role in clinical practice and also assumes an increasingly important role in the field of legal medicine, where the majority of diagnostic frameworks (eg, mobbing) often refer to AD. Our study aimed to look for(More)
INTRODUCTION Over the past twenty years, in Italy there has been an intense debate that has focused on the function, and overcoming the limits of the institution Judicial Psychiatric Hospital (ospedale psichiatrico giudiziario - OPG). Although the contribution of legislative proposals, conferences and workshops on the OPG subject has received significant,(More)
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