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Research into the change processes underlying the benefits of expressive writing is still incomplete. To fill this gap, we investigated the linguistic markers of change in cognitive and emotional processing among women with breast cancer, highlighting the differences and peculiarities during different treatment phases. A total of 60 writings were collected(More)
We describe the first detailed experimental characterization of surface adsorption of an aqueous ion pair and quantify the unusual surface behavior of sodium nitrite, a ubiquitous component of natural waters. The onset of unusually strong adsorption at concentrations as low as ca. 0.1 M resembles the controversial ‘Jones–Ray Effect,’ wherein 13 salts(More)
Following a brief introduction in which they outline the frequency of colonic angiomatosis and its characteristic symptom triad, the authors describe one case of this condition come to their observation and treated surgically. Next they discuss the classification, differential diagnosis versus other colonic diseases and disorders, available diagnostic aids,(More)