Raffaella Marina Lecci

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Charco–Marie–Tooth type 2B (CMT2B) neuropathy is a rare autosomal-dominant axonal disorder characterized by distal weakness, muscle atrophy, and prominent sensory loss often complicated by foot ulcerations. CMT2B is associated with mutations of the Rab7 protein, a small GTPase controlling late endocytic traffic. Currently, it is still unknown how these(More)
On a global scale, jellyfish populations in coastal marine ecosystems exhibit increasing trends of abundance. High-density outbreaks may directly or indirectly affect human economical and recreational activities, as well as public health. As the interest in biology of marine jellyfish grows, a number of jellyfish metabolites with healthy potential, such as(More)
Polyphenols, secondary metabolites widely present in plant kingdom, are known for their positive effects on human health, such as treatments of degenerative disease and cancer. Many dietary polyphenols show anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and antioxidant properties and they are proposed as chemopreventive agents for many skin disorders and cancer.(More)
Jellyfish are recorded with increasing frequency and magnitude in many coastal areas and several species display biological features comparable to the most popular Asiatic edible jellyfish. The biochemical and antioxidant properties of wild gelatinous biomasses, in terms of nutritional and nutraceutical values, are still largely unexplored. In this paper,(More)
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