Raffaella Giusto

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BACKGROUND/AIMS Jin Bu Huan and other Chinese herbal products are widely taken remedies. They have been developed as a natural alternative to traditional drugs in the treatment of various ailments. Their ability to induce several side effects such as acute hepatitis has already been described. We report a case of chronic hepatic damage following(More)
Phosphoprotein enriched in diabetes/phosphoprotein enriched in astrocytes-15 kD (PED/PEA-15) is an anti-apoptotic protein whose expression is increased in several human cancers. In addition to apoptosis, PED/PEA-15 is involved in the regulation of other major cellular functions, including cell adhesion, migration, proliferation and glucose metabolism. To(More)
BACKGROUND Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is a worldwide problem of public health. Epidemiological studies have shown a significant higher prevalence of infection in the elderly. Amantadine is an antiviral agent active against the influenza A virus that has been used in cases of chronic hepatitis C. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the antiviral activity and the(More)
An epidemiologic research together with a study on the environmental pollution were carried out in order to evaluate the risk of chronic respiratory diseases of blast furnace workers. The environment study was performed mainly using personal samplers given to workers with different jobs. Observations on 222 work shifts have shown that the total dust(More)
Interferon alpha (IFN) has been the standard treatment for hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. Using the kinetic curves of viral clearance, this study compared three treatment regimes based on IFN alone or in combination with Amantadine or Ribavirin to determine the mechanisms of action and the most suitable way to use these drugs. The early clearance(More)
BACKGROUND Aim of this work was to evaluate the early viral decay induced by a daily therapy with alfa-interferon (IFN) and the presence of any synergistic effects of amantadine and ribavirin. METHODS Twenty patients with a diagnosis of chronic hepatitis C were randomly assigned to receive a course of treatment with: IFN 3MU daily (6 pts); or IFN 3MU(More)
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