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— We present an innovative hybrid control strategy for contact detection and force regulation of robotic manipulators. This hybrid architecture controls the robotic manipulator during the following stages of interaction with the work environment: the free motion, the transition phase, and the constrained motion. The proposed control strategy is to switch(More)
— In this study, we present the conceptual design of a fully-passive transfemoral prosthesis. The design is inspired by the power flow in human gait in order to have an energy efficient device. The working principle of the conceptual mechanism is based on three storage elements, which are responsible of the energetic coupling between the knee and the ankle(More)
— In this paper, we present haptic teleoperation of underactuated unmanned aerial vehicles by providing a mul-tidimensional generalization of the virtual slave concept. The proposed control architecture is composed of high-level and low-level controllers. The high-level controller commands the vehicle to accomplish specific tasks and renders both the state(More)
— The goal of the paper is to present the foreseen research activity of the European project " SHERPA " whose activities will start officially on February 1th 2013. The goal of SHERPA is to develop a mixed ground and aerial robotic platform to support search and rescue activities in a real-world hostile environment, like the alpine scenario that is(More)
I n this article, a vision-based technique for obstacle avoidance and target identification is combined with haptic feedback to develop a new teleoperated navigation system for underactuated aerial vehicles in unknown environments. A three-dimensional (3-D) map of the surrounding environment is built by matching the keypoints among several images, which are(More)