Raffaella Bruzzi

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Waterproofing agents are widely used to protect leather and textiles in both domestic and occupational activities. An outbreak of acute respiratory syndrome following exposure to waterproofing sprays occurred during the winter 2002-2003 in Switzerland. About 180 cases were reported by the Swiss Toxicological Information Centre between October 2002 and March(More)
Neglecting health effects from indoor pollutant emissions and exposure, as currently done in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), may result in product or process optimizations at the expense of workers' or consumers' health. To close this gap, methods for considering indoor exposure to chemicals are needed to complement the methods for outdoor human exposure(More)
This survey aimed to estimate the prevalence of anti-Toxoplasma IgG and IgM antibodies in people living in north west Tuscany (central Italy) and to investigate the adherence to antenatal screening programs and access to the Toxo-test as well. Sera from a large sample of individuals suspected to have acute infection or from pregnant women (10,352 subjects)(More)
In occupational exposure assessment of airborne contaminants, exposure levels can either be estimated through repeated measurements of the pollutant concentration in air, expert judgment or through exposure models that use information on the conditions of exposure as input. In this report, we propose an empirical hierarchical Bayesian model to unify these(More)
Objectives: A survey was undertaken among Swiss occupational hygienists and other professionals to identify the different exposure assessment methods used, the contextual parameters observed and the uses, difficulties and possible developments of exposure models for field application. Methods: A questionnaire was mailed to 121 occupational hygienists, all(More)
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