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Aluminum-27 NQR transitions were detected in Muscovite Mica at room temperature using double resonance by level crossing (DRLC) techniques. Three lines were observed with fre­ quencies o f 572.5, 1052.0, and 1624.5 kHz. These lines are assigned to the octahedrally co­ ordinated site, A104(0 H )2. The corresponding quadrupole coupling constant, e^qQ/h, and(More)
PURPOSE To describe the clinical and electroencephalographic (EEG) features of reflex myoclonic epilepsy in infancy (RMEI) and long-term cognitive outcome. METHODS We enrolled 31 children from 16 neuropediatric centres in Italy, who underwent clinical and video-EEG evaluation. Cognitive assessment was performed in all patients using standardized(More)
BACKGROUND Nail psoriasis occurs in up to 50% of patients affected by psoriasis, with a significant impact on quality of life that leads to a real clinical need for new therapeutic options. AIM To confirm whether the strengthening and hardening properties of the hydroxypropyl-chitosan (HPCH) nail lacquer could improve the structure of the nail plates on(More)
To the Editor: On March 12 2003, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a global alert regarding severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in Vietnam, Hong Kong, and China’s Guangdong Province. Three days later, for the first time in its history, WHO recommended postponing nonessential travel to the affected areas and screening airline passengers (1).(More)
The use of integral field spectroscopy is since recently allowing to measure the emission line fluxes of an increasingly large number of star-forming galaxies, both locally and at high redshift. Many studies have used these fluxes to derive the gas-phase metallicity of the galaxies by applying the so-called strong-line methods. However, the metallicity(More)
We study, for the first time in a statistically significant and well-defined sample, the relation between the outer-disk ionized-gas metallicity gradients and the presence of breaks in the surface brightness profiles of disk galaxies. Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) g′and r′-band surface brightness, (g′ – r′) color, and ionized-gas oxygen abundance profiles(More)
Context. Galaxies, which often contain ionised gas, sometimes also exhibit a so-called low-ionisation nuclear emission line region (LINER). For 30 years, this was attributed to a central mass-accreting supermassive black hole (more commonly known as active galactic nucleus, AGN) of low luminosity, making LINER galaxies the largest AGN sub-population, which(More)
The final product of galaxy evolution through cosmic time is the population of galaxies in the local universe. These galaxies are also those that can be studied in most detail, thus providing a stringent benchmark for our understanding of galaxy evolution. Through the huge success of spectroscopic single-fiber, statistical surveys of the Local Universe in(More)
This work investigates the effect of the aperture size on derived galaxy properties for which we have spatially-resolved optical spectra. We focus on some indicators of star formation activity and dust attenuation for spiral galaxies that have been widely used in previous work on galaxy evolution. We investigated 104 spiral galaxies from the CALIFA survey(More)
The “main sequence of galaxies” − defined in terms of the total star formation rate ψ vs. the total stellar mass M∗ − is a well-studied tight relation that has been observed at several wavelengths and at different redshifts. All earlier studies have derived this relation from integrated properties of galaxies. We recover the same relation from an analysis(More)