Raffaele Nutricato

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The SPINUA (Stable Point INterferometry over Un-urbanised Areas) processing chain has been developed and tested in the framework of ASI-, ESA-and EU-funded projects, and represents an effort to adapt and optimise the general approach of long-term SAR inter-ferometry for the study of un-urbanised areas such as those typical of Mediterranean sites affected by(More)
—Image alignment is a crucial step in synthetic aperture radar (SAR) interferometry. Interferogram formation requires images to be coregistered with an accuracy of better than a few tenths of a resolution cell to avoid significant loss of phase coherence. In conventional interferometric precise coregistration methods for full-resolution SAR data, a 2-D(More)
This work experiments the potentialities of COSMO/SkyMed (CSK) data in providing interferometric Digital Elevation Model (DEM). We processed a stack of CSK data for measuring with meter accuracy the ground elevation on the available coherent targets, and used these values to check the accuracy of DEMs derived from 5 tandem-like CSK pairs. In order to(More)
The present study is aimed at investigating the potentialities of the COSMO/SkyMed (CSK) constellation for ground elevation measurement with particular attention devoted to the impact of the improved spatial resolution wrt the previous SAR sensors. Assuming no movement and successful orbital error removal, the main problem in height computation through(More)