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BACKGROUND Diabetes mellitus (DM), neuromuscular, hereditary or immunological disorders are the most common identified causes of blepharoptosis. However, in about 15-25% they remained uncertain. OBJECTIVE To determined the role of glucose metabolism abnormality in idiopathic blepharoptosis. METHODS We identified 162 patients with unilateral idiopathic(More)
In most of human prolactin (PRL)-secreting adenomas, dopamine and dopamine agonists normally suppress the excessive PRL secretion. Nevertheless, a subpopulation of such patients presents a relative insensitivity to the ergot derivative bromocriptine. Six patients with a macroadenoma (n = 5) or microadenoma (n = 1) were considered resistant to bromocriptine(More)
This study aims to analyze the neuromuscular adaptations of sedentary young women between water-based resistance training performed with single and multiple sets. 66 women (24.72±4.33 years old) were randomly divided into 2 training groups: SS (single set of 30 s) and MS (3 sets of 30 s). Both groups performed 2 sessions per week for 10 weeks. One(More)
The French Sandostatin/Acromegaly Study Group performed a multicentric, prospective, open-label trial of incremental doses with the aim of obtaining the best antisecretory effect. Forty-two patients (24 women, 18 men) aged 22-71 years were involved, either after unsuccessful surgery and/or radiotherapy (30 patients), or as primary treatment (12 patients).(More)
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