Raffaele Costa

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BACKGROUND Diabetes mellitus (DM), neuromuscular, hereditary or immunological disorders are the most common identified causes of blepharoptosis. However, in about 15-25% they remained uncertain. OBJECTIVE To determined the role of glucose metabolism abnormality in idiopathic blepharoptosis. METHODS We identified 162 patients with unilateral idiopathic(More)
In most of human prolactin (PRL)-secreting adenomas, dopamine and dopamine agonists normally suppress the excessive PRL secretion. Nevertheless, a subpopulation of such patients presents a relative insensitivity to the ergot derivative bromocriptine. Six patients with a macroadenoma (n = 5) or microadenoma (n = 1) were considered resistant to bromocriptine(More)
This study aims to analyze the neuromuscular adaptations of sedentary young women between water-based resistance training performed with single and multiple sets. 66 women (24.72±4.33 years old) were randomly divided into 2 training groups: SS (single set of 30 s) and MS (3 sets of 30 s). Both groups performed 2 sessions per week for 10 weeks. One(More)
Preliminary results obtained from 26 cases of prolactinomas less than 20 mm in diameter after treatment by enlarged adenomectomy are described. The operation consisted in removal of the adenoma, a layer of normal pituitary at the outer edge of the tumour and the pituitary capsule in contact with the sellar meninges. 24 women and 2 men were involved whose(More)
The French Sandostatin/Acromegaly Study Group performed a multicentric, prospective, open-label trial of incremental doses with the aim of obtaining the best antisecretory effect. Forty-two patients (24 women, 18 men) aged 22-71 years were involved, either after unsuccessful surgery and/or radiotherapy (30 patients), or as primary treatment (12 patients).(More)
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