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—Analyzing telemetry data of player behavior in computer games is a topic of increasing interest for industry and research, alike. When applied to game telemetry data, pattern recognition and statistical analysis provide valuable business intelligence tools for game development. An important problem in this area is to characterize how player engagement in a(More)
—Evaluating the spatial behavior of players allows for comparing design intent with emergent behavior. However, spatial analytics for game development is still in its infancy and current analysis mostly relies on aggregate visualizations such as heatmaps. In this paper, we propose the use of advanced spatial clustering techniques to evaluate player(More)
—Behavioral datasets from major commercial game titles of the " AAA " grade generally feature high dimensionality and large sample sizes, from tens of thousands to millions, covering time scales stretching into several years of real-time, and evolving user populations. This makes dimensionality-reduction methods such as clustering and classification useful(More)
—Free-to-Play or " freemium " games represent a fundamental shift in the business models of the game industry, facilitated by the increasing use of online distribution platforms and the introduction of increasingly powerful mobile platforms. The ability of a game development company to analyze and derive insights from behavioral telemetry is crucial to the(More)
—The problem of creating believable game AI poses numerous challenges for computational intelligence research. A particular challenge consists in creating human-like behaving game bots by means of applying machine learning to game-play data recorded by human players. In this paper, we propose a novel, biologically inspired approach to behavior learning for(More)
The analysis of user behavior in digital games has been aided by the introduction of user telemetry in game development, which provides unprecedented access to quantitative data on user behavior from the installed game clients of the entire population of players. Player behavior telemetry datasets can be exceptionally complex, with features recorded for a(More)