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The ANTARES Collaboration proposes to construct a large area water Cherenkov detector in the deep Mediterranean Sea, optimised for the detection of muons from high-energy astrophysical neutrinos. This paper presents the scientific motivation for building such a device, along with a review of the technical issues involved in its design and construction. The(More)
2 Abstract The ANTARES collaboration has performed a series of in situ measurements to study the background light for a planned undersea neutrino telescope. Such background can be caused by 40 K decays or by biological activity. We report on measurements at two sites in the Mediterranean Sea at depths of 2400 m and 2700 m, respectively. Three(More)
APPENDIX-Neutrino-matter interaction 35 References 38 ii Preamble This document is mainly intended to describe the Astroparticle aspect of ANTARES. The Sea Science part of the project is described in [1].
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