Rafal Zbikowski

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Model checking has been used to verify the correctness of digital circuits, security protocols, communication protocols, as they can be modelled by means of finite state transition model. However, modelling the behaviour of hybrid systems like UAVs in a Kripke model is challenging. This work is aimed at capturing the behaviour of an UAV performing(More)
This paper focuses on development of behaviour recognition technique for airborne monitoring of ground traffic to detect hidden threats. To enhance tracking accuracy, sensor fusion and smoothing are applied with Kalman filter. To tackle behaviour recognition, trajectory approximation and classification methodology is proposed using differential geometric(More)
A verifiable multiple UAV system cooperatively monitoring a road network is presented in this paper. The focus is on formal modelling and verification which can guarantee correctness of concurrent reactive systems such as multi-UAV systems. Kripke modelling is used to formally model the distributed cooperative control strategy, and to verify correctness of(More)
A nonlinear controller based on polynomial eigen-structure assignment (PEA) is presented for a class of nonlinear systems. In this paper, the PEA approach used for LTI and LPV models is extended to QLTV model to realize the desired control performance of closed-loop system. With PEA approach, the eigenstructure assignment for the controller can be completed(More)