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A complete tool chain starting with stereo photogrammetry based digitization of artefacts, their refinement, collection and management with other multimedia data, and visualization using virtual and augmented reality is presented. Our system provides a one-stop-solution for museums to create, manage and present both content and context for virtual(More)
A system that allows museums to build and manage Virtual and Augmented Reality exhibitions based on 3D models of artifacts is presented. Dynamic content creation based on pre-designed visualization templates allows content designers to create virtual exhibitions very efficiently. Virtual Reality exhibitions can be presented both inside museums, e.g. on(More)
Global information society and knowledge-based economy will generate a need for life-long learning on a mass scale. To deal with this challenge, traditional education should be extended with new forms of learning and teaching by employing advanced technologies such as virtual and mixed reality. In order to provide learners with these forms of education, a(More)
We describe a system which addresses all the processes involved in digitally acquiring, modelling, storing, manipulating and creating virtual exhibitions from 3D museum artefacts. More specifically, we examine the significance of metadata in enabling and supporting all of these processes and describe the extensive facilities provided for authoring,(More)
In this paper, we describe a method of dynamic creation of interactive presentations for Mixed Reality environments. The presentations are created automatically for collections of multimedia objects arbitrarily arranged in virtual presentation spaces stored in a database. Users can navigate between the spaces using Web and 3D multimedia contents. The(More)
In this chapter, flexibility and adaptation of collaborative processes occurring among organizations by applying the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) at the inter-organizational level are considered. First, an in-depth rationale for a service-oriented approach to inter-organizational collaboration is presented. The need for SOA at the(More)
In This work an automatic solderability assessment method based on dynamic measurement of the weight of inspecting sample immersed in fluid solder, is introduced. The basic concept of measurement control and data storing software is presented. Measurement results made with designed application are shown.