Rafal Urbaniak

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We investigate what happens when ‘truth’ is replaced with ‘provability’ in Yablo’s paradox. By diagonalization, appropriate sequences of sentences can be constructed. Such sequences contain no sentence decided by the background consistent and sufficiently strong arithmetical theory. If the provability predicate satisfies the derivability conditions, each(More)
After a brief presentation of Leśniewski’s notation for 1and 2-place sentential connectives of protothetic, the article discusses a method of extending this method to n 3-place sentential connectives. Such a method has been hinted at by Luschei, but in fact, no general effective method of defining such functors has been clearly and explicitly given. The(More)
Legal probabilism (LP) claims the degrees of conviction in juridical fact-finding are to be modeled exactly the way degrees of beliefs are modeled in standard bayesian epistemology. Classical legal probabilism (CLP) adds that the conviction is justified if the credence in guilt given the evidence is above an appropriate guilt probability threshold. The(More)