Rafal Slusarz

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The nonapeptide hormones arginine vasopressin (CYFQNCPRG-NH2, AVP) and oxytocin (CYIQNCPLG-NH2, OT), control many essential functions in mammals. Their main activities include the urine concentration (via stimulation of AVP V2 receptors, V2R, in the kidneys), blood pressure regulation (via stimulation of vascular V1a AVP receptors, V1aR), ACTH control (via(More)
Participating as the Cornell-Gdansk group, we have used our physics-based coarse-grained UNited RESidue (UNRES) force field to predict protein structure in the 11th Community Wide Experiment on the Critical Assessment of Techniques for Protein Structure Prediction (CASP11). Our methodology involved extensive multiplexed replica exchange simulations of the(More)
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