Rafal Kotynski

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In this article we present a novel approach for determining the electromagnetic modes of photonic multilayer structures. We combine the plane wave expansion method with the method of lines resulting in a fast and accurate computational technique which we named the plane wave admittance method. In addition, we incorporate perfectly matched layers at the(More)
We present a summary of the simulation exercise carried out within the EC Cost Action P11 on the rigorous modeling of photonic crystal fiber (PCF) with an elliptically deformed core and noncircular air holes with a high fill factor. The aim of the exercise is to calculate using different numerical methods and to compare several fiber characteristics, such(More)
Minimal mutual coherence of discrete noiselets and Haar wavelets makes this pair of bases an essential choice for the measurement and compression matrices in compressed-sensing-based single-pixel detectors. In this paper, we propose an efficient way of using complex-valued and nonbinary noiselet functions for object sampling in single-pixel cameras with(More)
We discuss how material anisotropy influences the modal birefringence of photonic crystal fibers. We introduce an efficient numerical method for the calculation of the modal structure which accounts for material anisotropy. The approach relies on solving the fully vectorial wave equation for the transverse magnetic field and the respective propagation(More)
We analyse the subwavelength imaging properties of a flat lens consisting of alternating thin metal and dielectric layers operating in the canalization regime. We show that the skin depth of the homogenised structure may exceed by almost two orders of magnitude the skin depth of silver. Its optimisation leads to the choice of the optimal wavelength of 437(More)
We analyse numerically and experimentally the asymmetric transmission through sub-wavelength double metallic gratings. The possibility of achieving a broadband unidirectional transmission of THz waves through the grating is confirmed. The proposed gratings allow for efficient one-way transmission in the wavelength range from 2.5 to 3.5 mm.
We derive periodic multilayer absorbers with effective uniaxial properties similar to a perfectly matched layer (PML). This approximate representation of a PML is based on effective medium theory, and we call it an effective medium PML (EM-PML). We also show that cylindrical core-shell nanostructures derived from flat multilayers also exhibit very good(More)
This paper presents a novel approach to the analysis of detection signals from optical sensors. The proposed technique is based on the pattern recognition algorithms that belong to the family of composite linear filters and is compared against a MAP-estimate approach. Our study is focused on the information recovery from the reflectivity spectrum of a Bragg(More)