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The maintenance of wakefulness test (MWT) is a daytime polysomnographic procedure which quantifies wake tendency by measuring the ability to remain awake during soporific circumstances. We present normative data based on 64 healthy subjects (27 males and 37 females) who adhered to uniform MWT procedural conditions including polysomnographic montage,(More)
Cloud-based offerings such as Infrastructure-as-aservice (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), are being delivered by various vendors at highly competitive prices to encourage a paradigm shift to utility computing. To optimize the operational costs of managing an IBM Cloud-based PaaS offering, a two-pronged approach has(More)
Resource over subscription brings the risk of resource overload. This paper proposes a mechanism to remediate overload without assuming there is always resource available for migration. A work value notion is introduced to compare importance of VMs, and the overload remediation problem is formulated as a variant of Removable Online Multi-Knapsack Problem.(More)
Due to increased competition in the IT Services business, improving quality, reducing costs and shortening schedules has become extremely important. A key strategy being adopted for achieving these goals is the use of an asset-based approach to service delivery, where standard reusable components developed by domain experts are minimally modified for each(More)
Extracting domain-specific concepts from a large set of documents containing unstructured text to enable conceptbased search has become a critical step for fulfilling the core information management requirements in enterprises today. Given the demanding computational requirements of performing text analysis for concept extraction, and the small fraction of(More)
User interface is a mean to an end —its primary goal is to capture user intent and communicate the results of the requested computation. On today’s devices, user interaction can be achieved through a multiplicity of interaction modalities including speech and visual interfaces. As we evolve toward an increasingly connected world where we access and interact(More)
Asset-based approaches, involving the use of standardized reusable components (as opposed to building custom solutions), are increasingly being adopted by IT service industries to achieve higher standardization, quality and cost reduction goals. In this paper, we address issues related to the use of an asset-based approach for authoring service contracts,(More)