Rafaelli de C. Coutinho

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Cloud computing establishes a new computing model where a wide range of computing resources are provided to several types of users. Especially for bioinformatics experiments modeled as scientific workflows, clouds provide several types of resources as virtual machines (VM), storage, databases and computing power that can be combined for empowering the(More)
Usually, scientists need to execute experiments that demand high performance computing environments and parallel techniques. This is the scenario found in many bioinformatics experiments modeled as scientific workflows, such as phylogenetic and phylogenomic analyses. To execute these experiments, scientists have adopted virtual machines (VMs) instantiated(More)
A Content Distribution Network (CDN) can be defined as an overlay system that replicates copies of contents at multiple points of a network, close to the final users, with the objective of improving data access. CDN technology is widely used for the distribution of large-sized contents, like in video streaming. In this paper we address the problem of(More)
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