Rafael del Vado Vírseda

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In this paper, we present our proposal to Constraint Functional Logic Programming over Finite Domains (CFLP (FD) ) with a lazy functional logic programming language which seamlessly embodies finite domain (FD) constraints. This proposal increases the expressiveness and power of constraint logic programming over finite domains (CLP (FD) ) by combining(More)
The new generic scheme <i>CFLP</i> (<i>D</i>) has been recently proposed in [24] as a logical and semantic framework for lazy constraint functional logic programming over a parametrically given constraint domain <i>D</i>. In this paper we extend such framework with a suitable operational semantics, which relies on a new constrained lazy narrowing calculus(More)
We present a declarative method for diagnosing missing computed answers in CFLP (D), a generic scheme for lazy Constraint Functional-Logic Programming which can be instantiated by any constraint domain D given as parameter. As far as we know, declarative diagnosis of missing answers in such an expressive framework has not been tackled before. Our approach(More)
Debugging tools are a practical need for diagnosing the causes of erroneous computations. Declarative programming paradigms involving complex operational details, such as constraint solving and lazy evaluation, do not fit well to traditional debugging techniques relying on the inspection of low-level computation traces. As a solution to this problem,(More)
This paper proposes the integration of <i>finite domain (FD)</i> constraints into a general purpose lazy <i>functional logic programming</i> language by means of a concrete instance of the generic scheme <i>CFLP</i>(<i>D</i>), proposed in [19] for lazy <i>Constraint Functional Logic Programming</i> over a parametrically given constraint domain <i>D</i>. We(More)
The CFLP scheme for Constraint Functional Logic Programming has instances CFLP (D) corresponding to different constraint domains D. In this paper, we propose an amalgamated sum construction for building coordination domains C, suitable to represent the cooperation among several constraint domains D1, . . . ,Dn via a mediatorial domain M. Moreover, we(More)
In this paper we propose a new generic scheme CFLP (D), intended as a logical and semantic framework for lazy Constraint Functional Logic Programming over a parametrically given constraint domain D. As in the case of the well known CLP (D) scheme for Constraint Logic Programming, D is assumed to provide domain specific data values and constraints. CFLP (D)(More)
This paper presents a computational model for the cooperation of constraint domains and an implementation for a particular case of practical importance. The computational model supports declarative programming with lazy and possibly higher-order functions, predicates, and the cooperation of different constraint domains equipped with their respective(More)