Rafael de Carvalho Silva

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To assess the potential of different genotypes of Brazilian oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) to somatic embryogenesis and somatic embryo proliferation, mature zygotic embryos of nine commercial genotypes of E. guineensis (BRSC2001, BRSC2328, BRSC2301, BRSC3701, BRSCM1115, BRSC7201, BRSC2528, BRSC2501, and BRSCN1637) were used. Explants were incubated on(More)
Understanding the fate and dynamics of cells during callus formation is essential to understanding totipotency and the somatic embryogenesis (SE) mechanisms. In the present study, the histodifferentiation events involved during the acquisition and development of somatic embryogenesis in oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) was investigated. Zygotic embryos(More)
Actually, the germplasm of Jatropha spp. is conserved as whole plants in field collections. Under this storage method, the genetic resources are exposed to disease, pest and natural hazards such as human error, drought and weather damage. Besides, field genebanks are costly to maintain and with important requirements of trained personnel. Thus, the(More)
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