Rafael Z. Frantz

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Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions cope with two kinds of problems within software ecosystems, namely: keeping a number of application’s data in synchrony or creating new functionality on top of them. ESBs provide the technology required to implement a variety of EAI solutions at sensible costs, but they are still far from negligible. It is(More)
Current companies count on heterogeneous information technology applications to perform their activities. More often than not, they need to be integrated so that the data they manage is kept in sync or to implement new functionality. According to a recent report by IBM, companies spend from $5 to $20 on integration per dollar spent on developing new(More)
Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is currently one of the big challenges for Software Engineering. According to a recent report, for each dollar spent on developing an application, companies usually spend from 5 to 20 dollars to integrate it. In this paper, we propose a Domain Specific Language (DSL) for designing application integration solutions.(More)
Enterprise application integrations involve the participation of several existing applications with which the integration solution exchanges data over LANs and the Internet. In these scenarios, operations might occasionally produce exceptional results at runtime due to impairments introduced by the electronic infrastructure such as node crashes, messages(More)
Resumen. Los ecosistemas software actuales combinan aplicaciones desarrolladas sobre las más dispares plataformas. Con frecuencia aparece la necesidad de integrar algunas de esas aplicaciones para que puedan trabajar de forma conjunta y producir valor añadido, lo que supone retos tanto desde el punto de vista conceptual como técnico. Los ESBs son(More)
The Cloud is evolving as a cost-effective solution to run services that support a variety of business processes. It is not surprising then that Orchestration as a Service (OaaS) is gaining importance as a means to integrate the many services a typical company runs or out sources in the Cloud. OaaS requires very efficient orchestration engines: the faster(More)
Model-driven engineering and agile methods are two important approaches to produce web information systems. However, whereas model-driven engineering is based on widely detailed models, agile methods such as Scrum propose to not spend too much time in modelling. Model-driven engineering literature suggests the use of pre-prototypes models that can be(More)
In today's rapid growing business world, organizations are relying on technology and need of the integration of the disparate applications is in high demand. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is use of hardware and software to integrate a set of Enterprise Computer Applications. This paper will review the types of EAI along-with its(More)