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This paper considers the control problem of a class of uncertain switched systems defined on polyhedral sets known as piecewise linear systems where, instead of the conventional Carathéodory solutions, Filippov solutions are studied. In other words, in contrast to the previous studies, solutions with infinite switching in finite time along the facets and on(More)
In many applications of motion control, problems associated with imprecisely measured or changing load (a mass or a moment of inertia) can be a serious obstacle in the formation of satisfactory controlling systems. This barrier compels the designer to include various kinds of uncertainties in engineering solutions. The present paper deals with the(More)
Large scale wind turbines are lightly damped mechanical structures driven by wind that is constantly fluctuating. In this paper, we address the design of a model-based receding horizon control scheme to reduce the structural loads in the transmission system and the tower, as well as provide constant (or at least smooth) power generation. Our controller(More)
This paper proposes a compositional method for verifying the safety of a dynamical system, given as an interconnection of subsystems. The safety verification is conducted by the use of the barrier certificate method; hence, the contribution of this paper is to show how to obtain compositional conditions for safety verification. We show how to formulate the(More)
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643 Fig. 7. Lower bounds on L performance as a function of sampling rate and quantizer precision. The main feature of the performance data is that performance degrades with decreasing quantizer precision. As the quantizer's precision increases, the sampling rate at which the " onset " of worsening performance occurs also increases. In general however, it(More)
In this article, a general method for model/controller order reduction of switched linear dynamical systems is presented. The proposed technique is based on the generalised gramian framework for model reduction. It is shown that different classical reduction methods can be developed into a generalised gramian framework. Balanced reduction within a specified(More)
In this paper, a general method for model order reduction of discrete-time switched linear systems is presented. The proposed technique uses switching generalized gramians. It is shown that several classical reduction methods can be developed into the generalized gramian framework for the model reduction of linear systems and for the reduction of switched(More)