Rafael Urquiza

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In order to obtain information about the sequence of events leading to degenerative changes in the cochlea after acoustic trauma, a systematic LM study was performed in the guinea pig organ of Corti. The results were correlated with measurements of CAP N1 thresholds from the same animals. Twenty pigmented guinea pigs were used in the study. Ten of these(More)
CONCLUSIONS The characteristic features of the Hh specimen conformed to those of other Pleistocene human fossils, indicating strong cranial structures and a heavy mandible. The mastoid was large and suggested a powerful sternocleidomastoid muscle. The inner ear and tympanic cavities were similar in size and orientation, suggesting that their functions were(More)
The design and implementation of the prototype of a digital hearing aid and its computerized fitting interface, followed by a basic preliminary clinical evaluation concerning speech recognition aspects, is reported. The final device is particularly destined to those patients suffering sensorineural hearing losses with recruitment and problems for speech(More)
We recorded DC potential and resistance changes of the cochlear lateral wall in guinea pigs, using (3M KCl) electrolyte glass microelectrodes. The patterns found for slow penetration showed different potential and resistance characteristics at different segments of the lateral wall. In addition, our findings demonstrate that the monitoring of microelectrode(More)
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