Rafael Treibich

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We revisit the claims problem (O'Neill, 1982; Aumann and Maschler, 1985) where a group of individuals have claims on a resource but there is not enough of it to honor all of the claims. We characterize the solutions satisfying consistency , composition up, and claims truncation invariance. These solutions are specified by a pair of weights for each(More)
This paper presents an argument in favor of the " degressive propor-tionality principle " in apportionment problems. The core of the argument is that each individual derives utility from the fact that the collective decision matches her own will with some frequency, with marginal utility being decreasing with respect to this frequency. Then classical(More)
We propose a new index of individual scientific productivity that formally accounts for coauthorship, separating individual from collective productivity. In contrast to existing measures, our index, CoScore, reflects the complete coauthorship network, not only the publication record of the author being ranked. CoScore uses the varying levels of success of(More)
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