Rafael Tormo-Molina

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This study aims to determine the potential origin of Olea pollen recorded in Badajoz in the Southwest of the Iberian Peninsula during 2009-2011. This was achieved using a combination of daily average and diurnal (hourly) airborne Olea pollen counts recorded at Badajoz (south-western Spain) and Évora (south-eastern Portugal), an inventory of olive groves in(More)
Cupressaceae includes species cultivated as ornamentals in the urban environment. This study aims to investigate airborne pollen data for Cupressaceae on the southwestern Iberian Peninsula over a 21-year period and to analyse the trends in these data and their relationship with meteorological parameters using time series analysis. Aerobiological sampling(More)
The airborne indoor pollen in a hospital of Badajoz (Spain) was monitored over two years using a personal Burkard sampler. The air was sampled in four places indoors-one closed room and one open ward on each of the ground and the third floors-and one place outdoors at the entrance to the hospital. The results were compared with data from a continuous(More)
BACKGROUND The objective of the present work was to compare pollen counts at three different urban locations within a city to each other and to the counts from a fixed trap. This information could be useful to delimit zones in the urbanized part of the city according to the risk of allergic affections. METHODS Aerobiological sampling using portable traps(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to determine trends in the airborne pollen concentration and pollination period for the principal sources of pollen in Badajoz (southwest Spain) over 15 years of monitoring (1994-2008). METHODS Airborne pollen was monitored by continuous sampling with a Hirst volumetric sampler. Pollen trends were investigated by(More)
Fungi belonging to the genus of Alternaria are recognised as being significant plant pathogens, and Alternaria allergens are one of the most important causes of respiratory allergic diseases in Europe. This study aims to provide a detailed and original analysis of Alternaria transport dynamics in Badajoz, SW Spain. This was achieved by examining daily mean(More)
BACKGROUND There is a lack of standardized protocols for assessing the presence of indoor fungi. It is thus difficult to compare results from different studies or to measure the effect of indoor fungal presence on occupants. AIMS The aim of the present work was to evaluate the presence of airborne fungal propagules within a hospital taking into account(More)
Urban parks play a key role in the provision of ecosystem services, actively participating in improving the quality of life and welfare of local residents. This paper reports on the application of an index designed to quantify the allergenicity of urban parks in a number of Spanish cities. The index, which records biological and biometric parameters for the(More)