Rafael Takashi

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We have employed the method of radial distance measurements in order to orient the actin monomer in the F-actin filament. This method utilizes fluorescence resonance energy transfer measurements of the distance between two equivalent chemical points located on two different monomers. The interprobe distance obtained this way is used to compute the radial(More)
A serine residue located in the active site of myosin head (S1) was labelled by 9-anthroylnitrile, an amino group located in the central domain of S1 was labelled by 7-diethylamino-3-(4'-isothio-cyanato-phenyl)-4-methylcoumari n, a cysteine residue located near the C-terminus of S1 was labelled by 5-[2-((iodoacetyl)-amino)ethyl]-amino-naphthalene-1-sulfonic(More)
The early detection of breast cancer increases the chance of cure of the disease. The aspiration examination of a female breast provides conditions of eliminating doubts in relation to the diagnosis. This work presents a tool of Virtual Reality that contributes with the medical training to execute aspiration examination in order to allow execution of the(More)
This paper presents the importance of representing data in a visual form in order to facilitate its understanding and introduces a proposal of a tool to information visualization from results obtained in queries of a medical image database by using three-dimensional objects. The system will be developed in non-immersive Virtual Reality environment aimed to(More)
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