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– Video transmission over IP networks requires appropriate conditions of quality of service, in order to ensure the integrity of the image, which still represents a challenge to be overcome in wireless mesh networks due to traffic capacity limitations inherent to its architecture. In this work we evaluate the performance of high-resolution video over(More)
The purpose of this work was to measure the amounts of selected mineral elements (sodium, calcium, iron, selenium, magnesium, zinc, copper, and manganese) in the liver of Wistar rats and evaluate possible correlations between the levels of these minerals and the lipid metabolism in the studied animals. Three experimental groups each containing six Wistar(More)
In this paper we present experimental results on a combination of a spectrally efficient optical modulation technique with post-detection electrical dispersion compensation, for reducing the effect of optical channel impairments on high-speed optical links. A description of the circuit topology of an adjustable electrical dispersion compensator (AEDC)(More)
The intrinsic square-law non-linear function of the photodiode, between the optical field amplitude and the generated current, can be partially compensated by means of a simple non-linear electrical circuit performing a square-root function after the photodiode. Practical implementation has been carried out, and the experimental and simulation results with(More)
The introduction of non-native crayfish in aquatic ecosystems is very common due to human activities (e.g. aquaculture, recreational and commercial fisheries). The signal crayfish, Pacifastacus leniusculus (Dana, 1852), is one of the most widespread invasive species in Europe. Although several important ecological and economic impacts of this species have(More)
The principal thermodynamic advantages of using microemulsions over standard emulsions for flow metal analysis are the greatly increased analyte stability and emulsive homogeneity that improve both the ease of sample preparation, and the analytical result. In this study a piston propelled flow-batch analyzer (PFBA) for the determination of Cu, Cr and Pb in(More)
Fiber chromatic dispersion can severely degrade the performance of optical networks at high bit rates. This impairment can be controlled using dispersion compensators. However, in advanced optical networks, changes in the environment surrounding the fiber and/or multi-path topologies need tuneable dispersion compensators with high tuning range and fast(More)
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