Rafael Soares Diniz

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A controlled study was conducted on a batch of fifty-four medical students in the paraclinical period of study, to compare the relative effectiveness of self-reading of books, didactic lecture and use of self-instruction kits as teaching-learning experiences. The assessment was done by an immediate and delayed objective type examination as well as(More)
Effect of zinc sulphate was studied on histamine-induced contractions on guinea-pig ileum. In doses of 1.72 X 10(-7)M or less no effects were observed. Zinc sulphate in doses of 3.44 X 10(-7)M, 6.88 X 10(-7)M and 1.72 X 10(-6)M produced dual effect. Short exposure of tissue for 10 min to zinc sulphate resulted in significant dose dependent potentiation of(More)
There are coflicting reports regarding the role of GABA in morphine analgesia. While-sorne investigators have reported that treatment with GABAA receptor agonist muscimol and GABA transaminase inhibitors potentiates morphine analgesia (2.4.6) others have reported antagonism of morphine analgesia (8.10). In view of these conflicting reports and since the(More)
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