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Approximately 7000 t of spent pot liner (SPL) wastes are generated annually from activities associated with Alumi;nio Brasileiro S.A. (ALBRAS) plant located at Barcarena, Pará state, Brazil. The inorganic fraction of SPL contains high level of toxic compounds like cyanide and fluoride; its safe disposal has been the subject of serious discussions in Brazil.(More)
Spent potliner (SPL) is a solid waste generated by the aluminum industry during the manufacture of aluminum metal in electrolytic cells. Initially the electrolityc cell liners comprise of graphite and carbonaceous materials, but after several years of operation, the liner materials deteriorate and must be removed from the cells. Because of the presence of(More)
Magnesium-based thermoelectric materials (Mg2X, X = Si, Ge, Sn) have received considerable attention due to their availability, low toxicity, and reasonably good thermoelectric performance. The synthesis of these materials with high purity is challenging, however, due to the reactive nature and high vapour pressure of magnesium. In the current study, high(More)
Monolithic twin-ridge laterally coupled diode lasers emitting at 1.3microm are presented that have a small-signal modulation bandwidth beyond the relaxation oscillation frequency of a single ridge. Spectra and spectrally resolved far fields are presented for three bias conditions: only one ridge lasing, both ridges lasing just above threshold, and both(More)
We present for the first time (to our knowledge) experimental data on the intrinsic relaxation oscillation frequency in a twin-ridge laser array. We present a detailed analysis of the frequency response of the device, both under single-ridge operation as well as in twin ridge. We demonstrate the strong influence that the injection current on one ridge has(More)
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