Rafael Santos Santana

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Agitation rate is an important parameter in the operation of Anaerobic Sequencing Biofilm Batch Reactors (ASBBRs), and a proper agitation rate guarantees good mixing, improves mass transfer, and enhances the solubility of the particulate organic matter. Dairy effluents have a high amount of particulate organic matter, and their anaerobic digestion presents(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the improper use of antimicrobials during the postoperative period and its economic impact. METHODS We conducted a prospective cohort study by collecting data from medical records of 237 patients operated on between 01/11/08 and 31/12/08. RESULTS from the 237 patients with the information collected, 217 (91.56%) received(More)
Objective To identify clinical drug trials performed in Brazil between 2012 and 2015, with emphasis on those focusing on neglected diseases of poverty. Method Two clinical trial registries, ReBEC (Brazilian registry) and ClinicalTrials.gov were surveyed. The following aspects were investigated: distribution of clinical trials in relation to the burden of(More)
OBJECTIVE To produce a panel of the main drug selection indicators by performing an integrative literature review. METHODS After the elaboration of a review protocol, searches were conducted in LILACS, MEDLINE, Embase, and SciELO databases. The following search terms were used: "indicators"; "criteria"; "drug selection"; "pharmacy and therapeutics(More)
The study aimed to examine the regulation and adoption of health technologies for the diseases of poverty in the Brazil's Unified Health System (SUS). An exploratory, descriptive study was conducted between January and May 2016 consisting of the search and analysis of relevant documents on the websites of Brazil's National Health Surveillance Agency, the(More)
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